Kamis, 16 September 2010

Kaze House

Since the day I had gathering and break the fasting on Kaze`s house last monday…

Actually, we planned this the day before. We gonna talk about C`est a Dire (the band) and some conversation about someone (the one who ruined our days for this one week) and about Akamaru. Yay, in fact there something happen in community recently. And we have to discuss about it seriously. So it`s looks like a little meeting ne?

Such a different to be his house compare with 3 years later (that long?). Because now we met all of family member (except his brother). And we eating together along with his Mom, Dad, Sister, even his grandmom and granddad. What a big family.

Nb: me, Ryuu-chan, and X reserved by Kaze himself (I bit surprise to seeing him asked by other family member to service us ^ ^).

And now, many days after, I often think about the scene in that rainy day.

Thinking about how warm the athmosphere inside that small house..

I really envy.

Its been to long for me to feel such a situation.

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