Rabu, 05 Februari 2014

With Love

Its started 10 days ago. I found this cute (yet creepy) ceramic teruterubozu at the mall near my aunty`s house.

I dont really like that kind of stuff actually...but i end up bought it. Now, i dunno where i could hang this little doll.

It was on the bus while I tinkling it, i suddenly remember something about teruterubozu. Back into the time, when several dorama (japanese drama) still airing on the television. Hata and teruterubozu came up on my mind. I dunno the title but i slightly remember the story. Its about commercial music composer and OL lady working on the bank. Its seems i just watched one episode, so i dont know anything about the drama. But i know that was Yutaka Takenouchi, playing the role as Hata-san. He was so manly and handsome. I just remember those images for a long time.

Curious, i searched the lists of the drama Takenouchi ever played. That was With Love, 1998. Unfortunately, i just found the horrible quality video. Even on streaming sites. Its like,  watching movie from 60's. But its okay, Takenouchi-san still looks handsome though.

 Finally, these are the reasons why on the earth i really enjoy the drama.

On the very first place, i`ll put Yutaka Takenouchi as Hasegawa Takashi a.k.a Hata-san. If you see him now, on his 40's age, compared with him on With Love, you`ll found..he's just more mature but still effortless handsome.

He`s really got into his character as musician. His deep voice melted your heart. His long hair, and the way his moves his body. He's just too handsome to be exist on the world.

Okay tell me its all to much.

Second, since it is about music composer, i listen many good music. Once In The Blue Moon, the song mistakenly sent by Hata to teruterubozu just warmed your heart. They talking about chanson, so you`ll hear Edith Piaf. Miniature Garden, the song composed by Hata for his disbanded band, "Ash" just good too.

Third, This is about relationship between adults. So, you'll not found any cheesy conversation.

There are a lines, that was struck me in time. Its almost on the ending of episode 5.

Takashi : " You're the one who isn't serious".
Amane : "Why?"
Takashi : "You want to fall in love yet you too scared"
Amane : " I want...to fall in love?"
Takashi : "You're in love with the concept of love itself. You're only enjoying your own feelings".

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