Kamis, 17 September 2009


I won`t write this post in bahasa Indonesia, I feel bit comfort to do it in English.

Today, I learn to face reality. I cannot say this is easy to my heart,,this is HURT actually….Eventhough i`m not write this post with tears…

Pals, everybody knows that i`m so “baka” on the thing called LOVE. Especially for this one years…..Poor me who always be like a fool….And today, that`s predictable storm is revealed. Yay, i`ve just prepared myself for a long time…But, its still shocking and hurting when I knew. So, I need the time to mend my heart, to healing this pain…

No, i`m not gonna change the soundtrack to be the final (dir en grey), there`s Aishiteru (monkey majik) play on the air still. I will not get myself to be down furthermore. Yes, this is hurt me, but not the end of my world. I just can change that bad energy to be positive one..Sure I can do it!!!!!

Thinking about the happy moment (or embarrassing moment ^ ^) i`ve had just make me feel relieve. I love every second i`ve had…. (i`m sure you know what I mean). That is gonna complete my story of life, and I granted my Lord to give that feeling.

Everything is gonna be allright,.and lucky me whose have so many frinds to share. Especially for Mr. D....you like a "shoulder to cry on" eventhough i was`nt crying at all and wasn`t lean on your shoulder. thanks to hear my story (kapan-kapan sambung lagi yah....)

Thanks for my Akamaru95...You all guys always leave my face with a pearly smile, and make me forget all of the trouble.

And,,,my Mr. Z....tomorrow i loved you more than ever....Feel so warm when i saw your face and heard your laugh....

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