Selasa, 16 Juni 2009

Janneda ~ longing.....XD

Thanks to my-Kaze who was giving me all of Janne da arc album yesterday. i`ve been waiting for such a looong time.

and finally...(its caused my baka computer is died till now). And hearing Janneda for second time is still make my mood come back.

So, I need to talk about them this night. Because my brain is stuck, and the lesson for my last “CONSUMER PSYCHOLOGY” exam is gone…..Hhhhh.

And now, I listening to ~still~ from GAIA. The melody so warm me up….XD.

Talking about Janne da arc,,,,The very first Janneda song I was heard is “EDEN~kimi ga inai~. Not to exciting actually. I don’t even wanna know about them (I listen to L`arc-en-Ciel at that time). So, “I know” only. I didn’t search the info or something like that. But then someday, my-kaze ask Yankuro-sama a.k.a Bang Alfred for Janne da arc albums. Fortunately, Yankuro sama is the big fans of that J-rock band. And,,,the virus of Janneda is spread of….And i`m also the victim, hahahaha

This is my Janne da arc songs I like the most;

  • - Kaze ni notte ( I love this song soooo much, my-Kaze also loves this beautiful song)
  • - Curse (So “Janne da arc”, mantabh…..)
  • - I`m so happy ( driving my emotion, exactly…)
  • - Plastic ( simple and unique, even my sista loves it)
  • - Vampire
  • - Will~chizu ni nai basho (so deep…)
  • - Kamen (nice sound of bass)

I almost love of all their songs, especially JOKER album. To be honest, I never found the similarity between Janne da arc and Laruku. For me, Janne da arc is the legendary Jrock band, with their originality and skills.

Yay, I just will always love them….hahaha



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